How Much Does It Cost To Install A Downspout?


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Downspout Installation Costs

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Gutters help to channel water and debris away from a house, and while we all dread the need to clean them and maintain them, we usually think of them as horizontal runs of gutter across the rooftops. There are also downspouts, however, and they do a lot more work than many realize. Downspouts have to be placed every 30 to 35 feet of gutter, and they need to be positioned in a way that ensures they drain water far from the foundation.

Most homes will require at least six downspouts, and installing or replacing them will mean handling fascia support brackets, spike and ferrule supports, the downspout assemblies, and items such as boxes and outlets, among other vital components. While it seems like something a novice can manage, it has to be done correctly. After all, the base of the downspout has to be directed to an area away from the foundation, and it may require additional items to help redirect the effluent.

Factors that impact the final price include the types of materials and the complexity of the installation. The number of floors in the house also affects the price, with two-story homes almost double the cost.

Installing downspout: a single downspout.

Item Cost
Labor Cost $160
Downspouts per section:

Materials: elbows, outlet tubes, straps, splash block $50
Total Cost $215-$250

Other considerations and costs

  • Designing the method by which the gutters drain into the downspout and away from the house may come at an extra cost.
  • Some contractors charge for both removing and disposing of the old gutters and downspouts, and it should never be more than $100-$200 extra, regardless of the size of the home or the amount of material.
  • Screens on downspouts are a great idea and boost the efficiency of any gutter guards installed along the path to the downspout. They are great for allowing only water to drain out of the system.
  • Installing a gutter drainage system can also be a wise idea, but this comes with substantial costs. Your installer will take a look at the house and foundation and then install channels lined with gravel and useful drainage material, and channel all of the downspout’s outflow into this area. This can cost the same as the entire downspout installation.
  • If you would rather have a downspout extension instead of a drainage system, it will typically increase the total cost by $40 to $150.
  • While a gutter expert or repair professional is doing the downspout installation, consider having them install de-icing tapes if your home is in an area prone to ice jams in colder weather.

DIY considerations

  • The risk for damage to your existing gutters, siding, and foundation are too substantial to make this a DIY option. Instead, work with a proven gutter expert or trusted handyman to have them remove damaged or failed downspouts and install a system that helps you get the most out of the new drainage.


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  • New York, NY$369
  • Bronx, NY$304
  • Brooklyn, NY$253
  • Philadelphia, PA$316
  • Washington, DC$274
  • Atlanta, GA$248
  • Miami, FL$225
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$236
  • Minneapolis, MN$277
  • Chicago, IL$323
  • Houston, TX$333
  • San Antonio, TX$223
  • Austin, TX$253
  • Denver, CO$214
  • Phoenix, AZ$226
  • Las Vegas, NV$248
  • Los Angeles, CA$279
  • San Diego, CA$253
  • San Jose, CA$306
  • Seattle, WA$224

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