How Much Does It Cost To Install Doors?


(36" wide x 80" tall fiberglass exterior door)
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Door Costs

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Doors that are exterior facing must close against weather and intrusion as well as satisfy personal taste. Door choice can help reduce energy usage, increase comfort, and increase security.

The cost to install average doors depends upon type, material and finish grade, number of units, preparation and special needs, and the labor rate.

Material and cost summary

The common material choices are shown in the following table. The Cost relationship is based on the average door of the material indicated.

Material Pros Cons Cost
Aluminum No paint, no rust Higher thermal transfer Low or lowest
  Thinner frame Lubricating maintenance  
  Lighter weight Difficult color matching  
Vinyl No paint, no rust Wider frame Low or lowest
  Low/no maintenance Difficult color matching  
  Scratches do not show    
Steel Galvanized no paint Or painted Low
  Low/no maintenance Heavier  
Fiberglass No paint, no rust Lower availability Higher
  Low/no maintenance    
  Scratches do not show    
Wood Stylish appearance Surface maintenance Highest
  Best color matching Organic material rot  
  No rust    

Type and cost summary

The common type choices and their typical cost per single installed 48” wide x 48” tall (except Bay Window) wooden unit of good quality products with insulating glass include:

Type Pros Cons Cost
Screen Vinyl no paint frame Adding doors $182
  Bug rejecting    
Storm Vinyl no paint frame Adding doors $439
  Rain rejecting    
Security Steel durability Maybe painted $555
  Galvanized no paint    
Exterior Fiberglass no paint Plain version $679
  Storm door function    
Fire-rated Code compliant No window $679
  Galvanized no paint Maybe painted  
Patio slider Aluminum no paint Easier break-in $960
  Large glass area    
Overhead double garage Gives car access Painted $1,644
  Steel durability    

Other considerations and costs

  • Typical upgrades and accessories are reviewed in the related Cost Guide.
  • These prices are for service in the immediate area of the provider.
  • Taxes and permit fees are not included.
  • During contractor inspection the homeowner should be informed of any repair concerns like rot, and the cost to adapt the existing door-opening structure.
  • A project to replace more than 2 doors should enjoy a unit price discount.
  • There may be local or national subsidy for energy efficiency improvements.

DIY considerations

  • This project may not be suitable to an able and prepared DIY person with typical contractor’s tools.
  • Skillful carpentry is required, and a critical closure deadline is common.


  • Craftsman Estimator Costbook, complete series year 2015.
  • Latest prices found on Home Depot and other vendor Web sites.
  • Literature review of DIY Web sites.
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Cost by city

(36" wide x 80" tall fiberglass exterior door)
  • New York, NY$1,091
  • Bronx, NY$896
  • Brooklyn, NY$747
  • Philadelphia, PA$932
  • Washington, DC$809
  • Atlanta, GA$732
  • Miami, FL$665
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$697
  • Minneapolis, MN$818
  • Chicago, IL$953
  • Houston, TX$983
  • San Antonio, TX$660
  • Austin, TX$747
  • Denver, CO$631
  • Phoenix, AZ$666
  • Las Vegas, NV$731
  • Los Angeles, CA$823
  • San Diego, CA$747
  • San Jose, CA$903
  • Seattle, WA$661

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: