How Much Does It Cost To Install A Central Vacuum?


(2,500 sq.ft. home)
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Central Vacuum Installation Costs

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Keeping the house clean is important, but it is not a task that many people enjoy. This is especially true when it comes to vacuuming. However, you could choose a central vacuum installation, which can help to make vacuuming much easier. There are some great benefits of having one of these in your home. For starters, they tend to be quieter than the traditional push vacuum. Another huge benefit is that you will not have to carry the push vacuum all around the house to get to all of the areas you need to clean. This is especially helpful for those properties that have two floors.

A central vacuum system will allow you to connect a hose into one of the multiple vacuum inlets that you have installed in your home. Given these benefits and just how much easier it can make cleaning the house, many homeowners have found that they are willing to pay for the upfront cost.

Central vacuum installation: 2,500 sq.ft. home

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Motor $1,800 each 1 $1,800
Extra-long hose $100 each 1 $100
Large collection unit $500 each 1 $500
Material Cost $2,400 each 1 $2,400
Labor Cost $600 per project 1 $600
Total Cost $3,000 each 1 $3,000


Other considerations and costs

  • Different hose options will have different costs. The retractable hose, which will have a hose installed in each of the rooms, costs more than having a hose that you will take from room to room to attach to the vacuum inlets.
  • Central vacuum installation is easiest when building a home. However, it can be done afterward by cutting holes into the walls where the inlets will go. This will be costlier.
  • The size of the vacuum collection unit will be a factor in the costs, too.
  • Consider the number of different connections you will need throughout your home.

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DIY considerations

  • Central vacuum installation is a complicated process but with the right tools and knowledge, DIY is possible.
  • To ensure you not putting too many holes in your wall and that those inlets are in the right places is easier when you hire a professional.


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  • Literature review of DIY Web sites.
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Cost by city

(2,500 sq.ft. home)
  • New York, NY$4,819
  • Bronx, NY$3,960
  • Brooklyn, NY$3,300
  • Philadelphia, PA$4,117
  • Washington, DC$3,573
  • Atlanta, GA$3,233
  • Miami, FL$2,940
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$3,080
  • Minneapolis, MN$3,613
  • Chicago, IL$4,209
  • Houston, TX$4,342
  • San Antonio, TX$2,914
  • Austin, TX$3,300
  • Denver, CO$2,788
  • Phoenix, AZ$2,942
  • Las Vegas, NV$3,229
  • Los Angeles, CA$3,638
  • San Diego, CA$3,301
  • San Jose, CA$3,988
  • Seattle, WA$2,919

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: