How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ceiling Lift?


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Ceiling Lift Costs

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A ceiling lift sounds like a process by which the ceiling in a home or other structure is actually lifted, but that is not the case. Instead, it is a motorized device that is attached to tracks in a ceiling and which uses a motorized device to lift or transfer someone from point to point along that track. Available as a ceiling-mounted or portable option, it has a sling to hold the individual being transferred. While they appear most often in hospitals or nursing facilities, they are appearing more and more frequently in private homes as a means of helping the elderly or the handicapped to remain at home.

As is the case with so many different kinds of medical equipment, though, there are different options and styles, and each will require a different budget. The key differences between ceiling lifts emphasize whether or not they are portable, whether they are a one, two or four-function style, and whether or not the lift must be wall-mounted.

Budget for a Ceiling Lift: by type, including installation and slings.

Item Cost
Portable: this is a style of ceiling lift in which the lifting unit can detach from the track and be re-attached to another segment of track in another room. It is a way of saving on track installation and enabling an individual to move around as needed. $2,220-$6,352
Fixed: this is a style of ceiling lift in which the lifting unit cannot detach from the track, and may be chosen if higher weight capacities are needed. $2,220-$6,352
Two function motor: up and down lifting capabilities, this may be portable or fixed. The fixed styles have better lifting capabilities. $2,300-$6,352
Four function motor: up and down, as well as side to side capabilities, make this the most costly option. $2,660-$6,352
Wall-mounted: used when a room is too small for tracks. $4,260-$8,260


Other considerations and costs

  • The costs for installing ceiling lifts can be quite exorbitant because of the need to ensure the structure can withstand the pressures that are created when in use. This may mean improving or reinforcing subfloors, upgrading trusses, inserting steel joists, improving the space with sprinkler systems, and more.
  • Tracks are another consideration, and their design, layout and installation should be professionally done.
  • The best manufacturers offer onsite consults to help buyers make the right choices and understand the costs outside of equipment.

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DIY considerations

  • There is too much at stake when choosing and having a ceiling lift installation done. It is not a low-cost project, and there are many decisions to make. A good manufacturer helps, and it could be a good way to keep a loved one (or yourself) to remain at home.


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Cost by city

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  • New York, NY$6,747
  • Bronx, NY$5,544
  • Brooklyn, NY$4,621
  • Philadelphia, PA$5,764
  • Washington, DC$5,002
  • Atlanta, GA$4,526
  • Miami, FL$4,116
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$4,312
  • Minneapolis, MN$5,058
  • Chicago, IL$5,893
  • Houston, TX$6,078
  • San Antonio, TX$4,080
  • Austin, TX$4,620
  • Denver, CO$3,904
  • Phoenix, AZ$4,118
  • Las Vegas, NV$4,520
  • Los Angeles, CA$5,093
  • San Diego, CA$4,622
  • San Jose, CA$5,583
  • Seattle, WA$4,087

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