How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ceiling Fan?


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Ceiling Fan Installation Costs

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Ceiling fan installation is popular in homes where people want to improve their airflow or save on heating and cooling costs. There are a variety of factors that will affect how much it costs to install a ceiling fan in your home. Where you live, which type of contractor you hire, and the type of fan that you choose are the most important elements. You may also need to consider the motor of the fan in regards to the required electrical wiring, because this can impact the cost, as well.

Fans are usually priced by size, which is usually displayed on the box or in the online listing. If you want to measure a fan size, count the blades first. Even-numbered blades mean that you simply measure the diameter straight across. If the fan has an odd number of blades, you can find its size by measuring from the center of the fan to the blade tip and then multiplying that by two.

Ceiling fan installation: by size.

Item Cost
29-36 inches $60-$150
36-44 inches $60-$400
44-54 inches $60-$50
50-72 inches $60-$1,000
Labor $60-$250

By type:

Item Cost
Standard $60-$1,000
Hanging propeller $150-$1,000
Directional adjustable fans $175-$1,300
Rotational (dual-motor) $200-$2,800
Low-profile $50-$600
Labor $60-$250

Other considerations and costs

  • Indoor and outdoor fans have different pricing. Outdoor fans may also have a premium for things like being wet-rated (safe for use in all weather). Make sure that you are specific about which type of fan you need for accurate pricing.
  • The style of fan that you choose will also impact the cost. Basic ceiling fans can be as low as $50 while designer fans and detailed high-end models can cost more than $10,000 in some cases.
  • Fans are available with remote controls for convenience. These models are often a little more expensive than basic ceiling fans, but the difference is minimal in most cases.
  • You can choose to get fans with or without built-in light fixtures. Like the fans themselves, the price you will pay depends on the style and complexity of the light that comes with the fan.

DIY considerations

  • If your home already has ceiling fans and you are replacing them, this may be a project that you can do on your own. Always remember to turn off the electricity when working on a project like this. Typically, though, basic wiring should be a matter of unhooking one and reconnecting the new fan.
  • Make sure that your electrical panel can handle the power needs of your new ceiling fans. Even if you plan to install the fans yourself, you should hire a licensed electrician for any major electrical changes that you require.


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How much does it cost to install a ceiling fan in your city?
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Cost by city

(standard model)
  • New York, NY$1,100
  • Bronx, NY$904
  • Brooklyn, NY$754
  • Philadelphia, PA$940
  • Washington, DC$816
  • Atlanta, GA$738
  • Miami, FL$671
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$703
  • Minneapolis, MN$825
  • Chicago, IL$961
  • Houston, TX$991
  • San Antonio, TX$665
  • Austin, TX$754
  • Denver, CO$637
  • Phoenix, AZ$672
  • Las Vegas, NV$737
  • Los Angeles, CA$831
  • San Diego, CA$754
  • San Jose, CA$911
  • Seattle, WA$667

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