How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Carpet?


(250 sq.ft. carpet)
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Carpet Removal Costs

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If you are going to be putting in a brand new carpet, or you are considering another type of flooring, one of the first things that you will want to do is make sure that you have the old carpet removed. This is a relatively simple job to do, and the cost tends to be on the low side. Removing the old carpet can not only prepare your home for new flooring, but it can also help those who suffer from allergies.

The carpet removal cost can vary based on a number of different factors. The size of the room and the overall amount of carpeting that needs to be removed will change the cost. The number of corners in the room can affect this, as well. The removal of the carpet also includes the removal of the carpet padding that lays beneath it.

The disposal fees for the carpet will affect the cost, as well. Most contractors will have these costs built into their prices. However, that’s not always the case. You will want to make sure that you ask the contractors if the carpet removal cost includes these fees. Some locations of the country will have higher fees than are found in other areas.

Carpet removal: 250 sq.ft.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Labor and material $0.88 per sq.ft. 250 $220
Waste and haul away cost $85 1 $85
Total Cost $1.22 per sq.ft. 250 $305

Other considerations and costs

  • If there is any damage to the subfloor, this will need to be repaired before putting in the new carpeting. In some cases, you might need to have an entire new subfloor put in.
  • You will also have to consider the cost of the new flooring that will be installed.
  • Choosing the same contractor to remove the old carpet and add your new carpet tends to be a smart option, as they might offer you a discount.
  • It may be possible in some locations to find facilities that will recycle carpet, so it does not have to be disposed of in a landfill.

DIY considerations

  • DIY for carpet removal is possible, and it is a relatively easy DIY project. However, you will need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job.
  • You will need to make sure that you remove all of the furniture from the room before you start the job. If there is heavy furniture, get help from friends to move it.
  • Think about where and how you will dispose of the old carpet. You may need to hire someone to come and dispose of it for you, even if you remove it on your own.
  • DIY carpet removal can cut down on the costs of your renovation.


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Cost by city

(250 sq.ft. carpet)
  • New York, NY$490
  • Bronx, NY$403
  • Brooklyn, NY$336
  • Philadelphia, PA$419
  • Washington, DC$363
  • Atlanta, GA$329
  • Miami, FL$299
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$313
  • Minneapolis, MN$367
  • Chicago, IL$428
  • Houston, TX$441
  • San Antonio, TX$296
  • Austin, TX$336
  • Denver, CO$283
  • Phoenix, AZ$299
  • Las Vegas, NV$328
  • Los Angeles, CA$370
  • San Diego, CA$336
  • San Jose, CA$405
  • Seattle, WA$297

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours:

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