How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio?


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Build Patio Costs

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Building a patio includes the cost of the material used (usually concrete or brick), the size of the patio, and other details. New construction should always have patios built by contractors for the best outcome. They know better how to deal with building new construction.

If you have an existing patio or ground in the way that needs to be removed, you will have to calculate site prep and removal of materials into your budget. The quality of the materials that you use will also impact how much you pay, with rates for materials ranging all the way from a dollar or two per square foot to more than $5,000 for a large slab of premium concrete or stonework.

Build patio: 12 feet by 16 feet, or 192 square feet, in size. The estimate includes mid-range materials and labor costs, and factors in any machine or equipment costs, as well.

Item Cost Per Unit Cost
Materials   $700-$3,000
Contractor labor   $70 per hour
Patio installation total $21 per square foot $4,032

Other considerations and costs

  • Although costs are usually similar, you will see some variation in rates. Feel free to get a few quotes if you are hiring professionals to install your patio.
  • If you choose premium patio materials, you can expect to spend closer to $5,000 to $7,000 on a new patio construction.
  • Consider adding fiber mesh or rebar to the concrete, at an additional cost, to add strength and life to the new patio space. These reinforcements should be added by professional contractors.
  • Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.
  • If you are a builder and need insurance check out our Builders Risk Insurance Guide.

DIY considerations

  • Novices should not attempt to build a patio on their own.
  • You can forego the traditional concrete patio and use paver stones set in gravel for a unique look. This may cost less than concrete pouring, depending on what pavers you choose.
  • If you are going to build your own patio, make sure that you consult with professionals for any hazardous jobs, such as hooking up a gas line to the new grill on your patio.


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How much does it cost to build a patio in your city?
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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$6,477
  • Bronx, NY$5,322
  • Brooklyn, NY$4,436
  • Philadelphia, PA$5,534
  • Washington, DC$4,802
  • Atlanta, GA$4,345
  • Miami, FL$3,951
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$4,139
  • Minneapolis, MN$4,856
  • Chicago, IL$5,657
  • Houston, TX$5,835
  • San Antonio, TX$3,917
  • Austin, TX$4,435
  • Denver, CO$3,747
  • Phoenix, AZ$3,954
  • Las Vegas, NV$4,339
  • Los Angeles, CA$4,890
  • San Diego, CA$4,437
  • San Jose, CA$5,359
  • Seattle, WA$3,924

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: