How Much Does It Cost To Build A Carport?


(20'x20' carport)
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Build Carport Costs

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When a homeowner wants a shelter for a car or some other type of gear, but no method for adding it as an attached storage space (such as a garage) to the home, a carport is an affordable solution. It is one of the most straightforward structures to build and offers almost all of the same benefits as an enclosed garage.

While it may frequently run close to the cost of building a garage, it is also a cost-saving option. And while it can house two cars and a work area, it will not demand the same amount of materials to provide such space.

The average carport requires the services of a few experienced contractors because the process involves site preparation, excavation, concrete pouring, construction, electrical supplies, and other steps that may need to be up to local building codes and standards. Some areas will even allow a carport to be enclosed in low-cost sheathing or siding, making it almost identical to a garage, but at a bit of a lower price. Currently, pricing average between $2,500 and $11,000 for a completed carport.

Build a Carport: for 2 vehicles (20’x20’).

Item Cost
Site prep (may involve demo, excavation, leveling) (not always needed) $3,500
Concrete slab or rootings $75/cubic yard
Professional frame construction $70/hour, per carpenter
Roofing $450/labor
Electrical wiring and lighting $85/hour
Painting/Staining $300-$500
Total Costs $2,500-$11,000

Other considerations and costs

  • Opting for siding can boost the cost of the project substantially, and some homeowners opt for metal over something like T-111. It can save money by eliminating the need for painting or staining
  • It is the size of the carport that determines the total cost, and any additional parking spaces beyond two will typically increase the overall cost by $800-$1,000.
  • Enclosing and installing an exterior door can also boost the price by as much as $300 for materials and labor. A sliding barn door is the best choice as it installs quickly and is simple to use
  • Those who enclose their carports may also want to consider a standard exterior door with lockset to ensure the structure can be completely secure. This averages a cost of $250-$500 depending upon the door selected
  • Adding a workbench space at the rear of the enclosed carport is a good investment, but is best left to the carports that are fully enclosed and secure
  • The roofing will benefit significantly by including eaves and gutters, but this will bump up the total price by a small amount
  • More substantial rafters and roof trusses can enable almost any carport to feature an attic-style storage area.
  • Obtain several bids before signing on with any specific contractor, and always ask to see earlier examples of carports completed for other clients before making a choice.
  • Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project
  • If you are a builder and need insurance check out our Builders Risk Insurance Guide

DIY considerations

  • There are many moving parts to a carport, and it is not a standard DIY venture. Though it is a simple structure, it stands on a concrete slab or piers, has electrical service, and is built with heavier materials, all making it a better fit for the skilled artisan.


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How much does it cost to build a carport in your city?
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Cost by city

(20'x20' carport)
  • New York, NY$10,843
  • Bronx, NY$8,910
  • Brooklyn, NY$7,426
  • Philadelphia, PA$9,264
  • Washington, DC$8,039
  • Atlanta, GA$7,273
  • Miami, FL$6,615
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$6,929
  • Minneapolis, MN$8,129
  • Chicago, IL$9,471
  • Houston, TX$9,769
  • San Antonio, TX$6,558
  • Austin, TX$7,425
  • Denver, CO$6,274
  • Phoenix, AZ$6,619
  • Las Vegas, NV$7,265
  • Los Angeles, CA$8,186
  • San Diego, CA$7,428
  • San Jose, CA$8,972
  • Seattle, WA$6,569

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: