How Much Does It Cost To Seal Air Leaks In A Home?


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Air Leaks Sealing Costs

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Air loss in the home is one of the biggest contributors to energy waste and higher utility bills. Sealing these leaks properly can prevent further loss and improve the efficiency and lifespan of any HVAC system. Air leaks in the walls or windows and doors of a home can create moisture problems and make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. The cost of sealing these leaks depends on where they are located and how severe they are.

When an energy audit is done on your home, or you question why your utility bills are so high, many utility providers will immediately suggest air leaks as a main cause. Even in the best-constructed homes, things settle over time, and cracks and gaps will happen now and again. Addressing them immediately will reduce the cost and risk of future problems. Leak sealing is usually priced by the square foot or linear foot, so costs will vary depending on how much material you need.

Air leaks sealing: 2,500 sq.ft. home, including windows and doors, labor included in the material cost.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Weatherstripping $0.75 per linear foot 334 $250.50
Caulk $1.50-$3.50 per linear foot 167 $250.50-$584.50
Metal flashing $20 per linear foot 25 $500
Spray foam insulation $0.50-$1.50 per board foot 2,500 $1,250-$3,750
Total Cost $0.90-$2.03 2,500 $2,251-$5,085


Other considerations and costs

  • Some weatherstripping materials are sold in pre-packaged kits for doors, windows, and other egresses in the home, rather than being sold as a roll of weatherstripping tape. Most of these kits are less than $20 each and have all the components for a strong seal around all edges.
  • Professionals can use a testing meter to determine where air leaks are coming from in your home. An inspection is usually charged at a flat rate for the service fee. Some companies offer free or discounted inspections for those who hire them to do the work. There are also rebates and energy audit programs available from your utility providers at a low cost, or no cost, to homeowners.
  • If there are more serious issues causing air leaks, you may have a need for more major repairs. In this situation, you might have to hire a handyman or carpenter to fix things like window frames that are uneven, drywall that needs to be repaired or patched, and appliances that aren’t installed correctly. This could add hundreds of dollars to your project costs.

DIY considerations

  • You may be able to handle small caulking and weatherstripping jobs on your own. Just make sure that you purchase the appropriate materials and follow their instructions for proper use.
  • The cost of materials is minimal for a basic air sealing job, and most materials can be purchased at your local home improvement store.


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  • New York, NY$5,783
  • Bronx, NY$4,752
  • Brooklyn, NY$3,961
  • Philadelphia, PA$4,941
  • Washington, DC$4,287
  • Atlanta, GA$3,879
  • Miami, FL$3,528
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$3,696
  • Minneapolis, MN$4,335
  • Chicago, IL$5,051
  • Houston, TX$5,210
  • San Antonio, TX$3,497
  • Austin, TX$3,960
  • Denver, CO$3,346
  • Phoenix, AZ$3,530
  • Las Vegas, NV$3,875
  • Los Angeles, CA$4,366
  • San Diego, CA$3,962
  • San Jose, CA$4,785
  • Seattle, WA$3,503

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