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  • Visualizing Coronavirus Disease by the Numbers (Update 20 March 2020)

Visualizing Coronavirus Disease by the Numbers (Update 20 March 2020)

The coronavirus is fundamentally changing the world before our eyes.

Our goal at HowMuch.net has always been to help people understand the economy. We do that by creating beautiful data visualizations that tell a story and help people make better decisions. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we’re creating a new page to help people understand what’s really going on with the virus and the economy.

We will stick to the facts as we know them and avoid undue alarmism. We’ll always use reliable sources for our data. Yes, financial markets are in turmoil, entire countries are on lockdown and governments are struggling to formulate a coherent response. But our mission remains the same: to help our readers better understand the world even as it rapidly changes.

Important News Today

1. The Number of U.S. Coronavirus Cases has Topped 13,000 as Testing Becomes More Available - CNN
2. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California Orders Californians to Stay at Home - NYTimes
3. First Case of Coronavirus Reported at State Department in Washington - CNN
4. Coronavirus Tightens Grip on U.S. as China Reports Second Day with no Domestic Cases - The Guardian
5. Younger Adults Make Up Big Portion of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S. - NYTimes
6. Walmart Wants to Hire 150,000 Temporary Workers as the Coronavirus Pandemic Continues - CNN
7. In One Italian Town, We Showed Mass Testing Could Eradicate the Coronavirus - The Guardian
8. U.S. Drugmaker Doubled Price on Potential Coronavirus Treatment - Financial Times
9. This Is How We Can Beat the Coronavirus - TheAtlantic
10. In Madrid, 80% of People Expected to Get Covid-19, official says - CNN

Want to take action right now against the coronavirus? Donate to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

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