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Barber shops are often way more than simply places to get a haircut; they often become their own little communities. A regular appointment can provide a chance to hang out with friends, get the latest neighborhood news, discuss the world’s happenings, and more. Despite potentially warm relations between barbers and their customers, if there is an incident and a client is injured, none of those familiar feelings will matter. While you and your employees may be extremely careful, paying close attention while clipping hair and making sure to quickly and thoroughly sweep up the floor to prevent anyone from falling, accidents do occur, and you may be sued for damages. The cost of legal fees and the potential liabilities could ruin your business. Barber insurance is an essential policy to protect you and your shop.

This guide will provide all the information you need about barber insurance cost to make an informed decision and make sure you get all the coverage you need.

We Cover in This Guide

  • How much does barber insurance cost?

  • What is barber insurance?

  • What does barber insurance cover/not cover?

  • Benefits and risks

  • Types of insurance you may need

  • Tips for buying

  • FAQ

  • Summary

How Much Does Barber Insurance Cost?

Barber insurance costs range from $29 to $99 per month, depending on several factors including claims history, shop location, services provided, and coverage needs. The price for common policies typically are as follows:

- Basic (essential coverage for your home barber shop): $29 per month for general liability (GL)

- Standard (when you also have equipment or operate from a shop): $69 per month for general liability + property; bundle them with a business owners policy (BOP)

- Pro (protect your business against service errors): $99 per month for business owners policy (BOP) + professional liability

If your shop or service has specialized risks or needs, most providers let you customize your policy with additional coverage.

What is Barber Insurance?

Whether you rent a chair or own an entire shop, all barbers face plenty of risks. While your potential for liabilities might be greater with a larger business and more customers, the damage from even a single claim can end your career or close your shop. Accidents happen and, whether or not you did anything wrong, your business can be harmed. Barber insurance coverage will protect you from the devastation of these situations. No one in this industry should practice without having a comprehensive policy.

What Does Barber Insurance Cover/Not Cover?

While every barber faces their own challenges, most of the risks are fairly universal. A customer or employee could slip and be injured on your property, the shampoo or shaving cream could cause an allergic reaction, or someone could leave a styling tool plugged in and a fire could break out. Barber insurance policies cover common scenarios in this industry and others that fall into the following categories:

  • Third-party bodily injury

  • Third-party property damage

  • Personal injury

  • Products/completed operations

  • Business personal property

  • Lost business income

  • Equipment breakdown or damage

  • Professional service errors like hurting someone while providing your service

  • Retroactive claims (previous contracted work)

  • Subcontractor errors

Despite the wide-ranging risks covered in most policies, basic coverage does not include everything and you may require additional insurance for your specific requirements. They can include:

  • Medical and lost wages costs for employees who are injured or become ill while working

  • Damages beyond the limit of your policy

  • Certain lawsuits made by employees

Benefits and Risks

Barber insurance offers various benefits to cover risks, including:

  • Protecting business assets: Damage to your own property or causing injury or harm to a third party can potentially wipe out your earnings and destroy your business. Barber insurance provides essential protection to protect you from these risks.

  • Cover legal expenses: If a customer, third party, or employee sues you, you are protected from the costs of fighting lawsuits and the damages if you are found liable.

  • Peace of mind: ​Knowing that your business is covered in the worst-case scenario allows you and your employees to focus on the work without being preoccupied with what could go wrong.

Types of Insurance You May Need

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): Covers your business against lawsuits from employment-related issues like discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment.

  • General Liability Insurance: Protects your shop from claims of third-party injuries, property damage, and advertising mistakes.

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): A combination policy that typically includes general liability and commercial property. Protects damage to third-party property as well as your own.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Often mandatory. Covers medical costs and lost wages for employees who become ill or injured while working at your barber shop.

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Coverage designed to protect your business against customer claims of harm or injury by the services you provide.

  • Umbrella Insurance: Covers damages from claims above the limits of basic barber insurance policies.

Tips For Buying

When considering barber insurance cost, keep the following in mind before making your decision:

  • Work with an independent agent: An independent insurance agent will help direct you toward providers with the best rates and the most experience in your industry.

  • Identify your risks: Be sure to thoroughly analyze your business, considering the services you provide and your customers, to identify potential risks.

  • Compare quotes: Policy costs vary between insurers. Consider at least three quotes to find the best rates and coverage.

  • Bundle policies: Providers will often provide discounted rates when you combine certain key coverages, like a BOP with liability and property.


- Do I need workers’ compensation insurance?

It may be mandatory. Most states require you to have workers’ compensation insurance if you employ at least two people.

I rent a chair in a shop that has coverage, do I need my own individual policy?

Yes. You are probably considered an independent contractor and the shop’s policy may only cover employees.

- What is the difference between general and professional liability when it comes to a barber shop?

General liability covers third-party injury and property damage claims for incidents that occur at your place of business, but not as a result of the service you provide. Professional liability protects you in case a client is harmed or injured by a barber. That could mean they lost out on a job or promotion and blame their haircut, or are sliced while getting a shave.


Barber insurance protects your business against the potential losses and damage from the various risks involved in the industry.

By understanding barber insurance costs and determining your needs, you will know that your policy covers all your needs and feel secure that your business is safe.

All Types of Insurance You May Need

General liability Workers' Compensation
Commercial Auto Inland Marine
Typical cost is


Barber insurance costs range from $29 to $99 per month, depending on several factors including claims history, shop location, services provided, and coverage needs.

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