How Much Does It Cost To Clean An Acoustic Ceiling?


(1,000 sq.ft. ceiling)
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Clean Acoustic Ceiling Costs

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Acoustic ceiling tiles are often used in offices, but they are also helpful in the home. Many people have acoustic ceiling tiles in their home offices, where they record videos or make phone calls and other areas of the home where they want to have a quieter space. Cleaning an acoustic ceiling can be difficult, and it takes the right techniques in order to do it properly without running the risk of damaging the ceiling tiles.

In the past, cleaning was even harder, and it often ended up damaging the tiles. The only option was to have them replaced. Fortunately, there are now methods of cleaning the tiles that are more effective and that will ensure you do not have to retile the ceiling entirely.

Acoustic ceiling cleaning: a property that has 1,000 square feet of tiles.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Materials $40 per gallon 1 $40
Labor Cost $0.25 per sq.ft. 1,000 $250
Total Cost $0.29 per sq.ft. 1,000 $290


Other considerations and costs

  • The size of the ceiling that needs to be cleaned directly affects the cost.
  • The types of materials that need to be cleaned from the tiles could also affect the cost.
  • Your location will be a determining factor in the labor costs.
  • Sometimes, ceiling tiles that are old and too stained or damaged will be better off being replaced rather than cleaned. This is much more expensive than cleaning, however.

DIY considerations

  • While there are DIY methods of cleaning acoustic ceilings, it is important to choose the right materials for the job, so you do not end up damaging them. Follow the instructions completely.
  • In addition, older homes or offices that have acoustic ceiling tiles might also have harmful materials, such as asbestos. It is often best to leave the cleaning to the professionals.


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How much does it cost to clean an acoustic ceiling in your city?
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Cost by city

(1,000 sq.ft. ceiling)
  • New York, NY$466
  • Bronx, NY$383
  • Brooklyn, NY$319
  • Philadelphia, PA$398
  • Washington, DC$345
  • Atlanta, GA$312
  • Miami, FL$284
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$298
  • Minneapolis, MN$349
  • Chicago, IL$407
  • Houston, TX$420
  • San Antonio, TX$282
  • Austin, TX$319
  • Denver, CO$270
  • Phoenix, AZ$284
  • Las Vegas, NV$312
  • Los Angeles, CA$352
  • San Diego, CA$319
  • San Jose, CA$385
  • Seattle, WA$282

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