How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wireless Computer Network?


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Install Wireless Computer Network Costs

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If you don’t already have a wireless computer network at home, you are one of the few left that doesn’t. Technology and the Internet are daily tools and with so many people working from home, the need for a strong wireless computer network in the home is growing in popularity. Installing a wireless network has a number of cost variables, including how many network connections there are, the type of equipment you choose, and what devices you are connecting.

Computer networking is complex work and is best left to professionals. You can hire computer networking specialists to do the work or hire an electrician to run the cabling and wires through your home to set up the wireless network. Some Internet service providers even offer free installation assistance and support for in-home wireless networking.

Wireless computer network installation: a standard system with 200 feet of cable.

Item Cost
Cat-5 or Cat-6 networking cable $100-$200
Modem/Network Adapter-per device $75-$200
Labor Cost: 3-4 hours of labor at an average rate of $75 per hour $225-$300
Total Cost $400-$700

Other considerations and costs

  • If your network is larger or you need access for more devices, you may need to install additional connection ports, or network adapters, which will incur an additional charge.
  • The difference in quality between Cat-5 and Cat-6 cables are minimal, but so are the costs, so it may be better to upgrade to the higher quality cable for future needs.
  • Hardware, including computers, monitors, and printers are not included. If you do not have any of these devices, your project cost could go into the thousands to complete the entire network. This estimate is assuming that all devices are already present and only the network is being added.
  • Consider adding a wireless network extender or backup drive, which will also incur an additional cost. However, it will add more power and security to your network.
  • Make sure that you invest in a reputable, dedicated security program to protect your new wireless computer network.

DIY considerations

  • Some networking devices and installations are “plug-and-play", which means that just about anyone can plug in the devices and start using them without much installation required. Installing an entire wireless network, however, is a complex task that is best left to the pros.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$884
  • Bronx, NY$726
  • Brooklyn, NY$605
  • Philadelphia, PA$755
  • Washington, DC$655
  • Atlanta, GA$593
  • Miami, FL$539
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$565
  • Minneapolis, MN$662
  • Chicago, IL$772
  • Houston, TX$796
  • San Antonio, TX$534
  • Austin, TX$605
  • Denver, CO$511
  • Phoenix, AZ$539
  • Las Vegas, NV$592
  • Los Angeles, CA$667
  • San Diego, CA$605
  • San Jose, CA$731
  • Seattle, WA$535

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