How Much Does It Cost To Install Wallpaper?


(200-square foot room)
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Wallpaper Installation Costs

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Installing wallpaper involves prepping the walls and removing any old wall coverings, applying an underliner and adhesive, and then installing the chosen wallpaper, which can be made from a number of materials. The type of wallpaper that you choose, as well as how much you need, will be the main factors in determining your costs. Labor is also taken into account for professional installation.

The cost of removing wallpaper varies depending on how many layers are underneath that need stripped. If special wall prep is required, such as in the case of textured finishes that need to be sanded down, this will affect your project cost, as well. Due to the nature of wallpaper installation, costs are quite variable from one project to the next.

Wallpaper installation: 200-square foot room, including removal of a single layer of wallpaper and application of standard-grade wall covering, with labor costs included.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Remove wallpaper-strippable $0.66 per sq.ft. 200 $132
Remove wallpaper-unstrippable $1.06 per sq.ft. 200 $212
Underliner $0.78 per sq.ft. 200 $156
Paper wallpaper $1.25 per sq.ft. 200 $250
Vinyl wallpaper $1.71 per sq.ft. 200 $342
Vinyl-coated wallpaper $1.60 per sq.ft. 200 $320
Foil wallpaper $2.07 per sq.ft. 200 $414
Grasscloth wallpaper $2.39 per sq.ft. 200 $478
Wallpaper borders $2.26 per sq.ft. 200 $452
Total Cost $1.91-$4.23 per sq.ft. 200 $382-$846


Other considerations and costs

  • If you have to strip multiple layers, add 25% to the removal cost for two layers, 34% for three, and 42% for removal of four layers of wallpaper. Difficult materials may require additional labor and solvents to remove and could also incur higher labor costs.
  • These estimates assume approximately 20% waste for the entire job, with an additional charge for patching of any holes, cracks, or small gouges in the wall.
  • A custom wallpaper job could easily cost twice as much as the most expensive jobs on the list above, so be sure to get an in-home estimate from your installer before you agree to anything.
  • If the walls require major resurfacing or replacement before wallpaper can be installed, there will be additional charges for materials and labor to complete that work.

DIY considerations

  • Wallpaper can be tricky to install. However, provided that you have relatively solid handy skills and want to deal with the hassle, you can reduce labor costs by doing the work yourself.
  • If your existing wallpaper was a DIY job, it might be harder to remove. Aside from lining up the patterns and pieces, removal is by far the most difficult part of hanging new wallpaper.


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How much does it cost to install wallpaper in your city?
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Cost by city

(200-square foot room)
  • New York, NY$964
  • Bronx, NY$792
  • Brooklyn, NY$660
  • Philadelphia, PA$823
  • Washington, DC$715
  • Atlanta, GA$647
  • Miami, FL$588
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$616
  • Minneapolis, MN$723
  • Chicago, IL$842
  • Houston, TX$868
  • San Antonio, TX$583
  • Austin, TX$660
  • Denver, CO$558
  • Phoenix, AZ$588
  • Las Vegas, NV$646
  • Los Angeles, CA$728
  • San Diego, CA$660
  • San Jose, CA$798
  • Seattle, WA$584

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: