How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pool Enclosure?


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Pool Enclosure Costs

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Installing a pool enclosure is a great way to utilize your swimming pool throughout the year and get more out of your investment. These enclosures come in many materials and styles and can protect the pool from extreme weather and help keep the water warmer without a heater, which can save on energy costs. The size and type of enclosure that you choose will affect how much you pay for this project.

Pool enclosure installation is typically priced by the square foot of material and by using hourly labor rates. These are larger structures, which can incur a much higher construction cost than small upgrades or renovation projects. You may also pay more for a custom enclosure or a complex design.

Pool enclosure installation: by material type and hourly labor rates.

Item Unit Cost Labor Cost
Glass pool enclosure $30-$65 per sq.ft. $30-$50 per hour
Screen pool enclosure $5-$30 per sq.ft. $25-$25 per hour
Above-ground nylon pool enclosure $400-$1,000 each $500 per installation
Retractable pool enclosures $50-$200 per sq.ft. $30-$75 per hour


Pool enclosure installation: glass pool enclosure for a 12’x24’ swimming pool.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Materials: glass enclosure $30-$65 per sq.ft. 288 $8,640-$18,720
Labor Cost $30-$50 per hour 10-15 $300-$750
Total Cost $31.04-$67.60 288 $8,940-$19,470


Other considerations and costs

  • Permits and taxes are not included in this estimate. Generally, a structure of this size will require some kind of building permit from your local municipality. Check with your contractor as they may already know what is required.
  • If you want to protect your pool without the expense of a full enclosure, consider a fence or a security cover for the pool. Both of these will cost a fraction of having an enclosure built.
  • Some homeowners could spend up to $50,000 or more for a retractable custom pool enclosure that includes a seating area.
  • The size and type of your pool will affect your options for enclosures. Primarily, there are different containment options for above-ground versus in-ground pools.

DIY considerations

  • If you are investing in a portable pool enclosure kit made from screens or nylon, you may be able to save on labor by doing the work yourself. Standard kits also offer the choice of glass or polycarbonate panels for a premium charge.
  • It generally takes a team of professionals about 10-15 working days to install a full enclosure. If you’re doing the work yourself, assume at least 50% more time to complete the project.
  • Portable enclosures for smaller above-ground pools can often be set up and installed in a matter of a day, by anyone with basic handy skills. This is the cheapest option.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$22,489
  • Bronx, NY$18,480
  • Brooklyn, NY$15,402
  • Philadelphia, PA$19,215
  • Washington, DC$16,674
  • Atlanta, GA$15,085
  • Miami, FL$13,720
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$14,372
  • Minneapolis, MN$16,860
  • Chicago, IL$19,644
  • Houston, TX$20,261
  • San Antonio, TX$13,601
  • Austin, TX$15,400
  • Denver, CO$13,012
  • Phoenix, AZ$13,728
  • Las Vegas, NV$15,068
  • Los Angeles, CA$16,977
  • San Diego, CA$15,406
  • San Jose, CA$18,609
  • Seattle, WA$13,624

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