How Much Does It Cost To Repair Drywall?


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Drywall Repair Costs

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Whether you call it drywall or sheetrock, it is the material that appears on walls and ceilings in most homes. Even homes with paneling may have drywall hidden behind it, and there are different types of drywall available. It can be easily damaged by a water leak, nails, doorknobs, and even just bashed into and smashed. It can crack and dry over time, and a house settling can damage drywall.

The good news is that it is relatively simple to repair drywall, and though it can be a DIY project, it is a good idea to hire a sheetrock expert. It is because they can best recognize how much of the material needs to be removed, do the repair, and handle the finishing steps like spackling and taping.

The cost to repair drywall varies based on the amount of damage in need of repair, the type of drywall installed, and where the problem occurred.

As an example, to put in a small patch after a doorknob has broken through the drywall will be far easier and less costly than replacing a large swath of ceiling after some leaking or flooding. Also, a homeowner needs to remember that it is not necessary to wait for significant repairs before having an expert do the work. Cracks, nail holes, and other minor repairs typically come in at a lower price than major issues.

Drywall repair: minor repairs.

Item Cost
Materials: drywall, spackle, screws, tape, and so on $10-$20
Labor $60-$240 per hour
Total Cost $70-$260

Other considerations and costs

  • Keep in mind that some professionals divide the work into an array of steps and divide it between members of a team. For example, the installation might be done by one .person, taping and spackling by another, and then painting and priming by a third. That is fine for larger projects but is cost-prohibitive if it is a minor issue.
  • If your repair involves anything unusual, such as arched ceilings, curved doorways, or anything that prevents a flat mount, it will bump up installation and repair costs by at least a dollar per square foot.
  • A handyman can be a good option for the most straightforward repairs, but when it involves major renovation, it is best to work exclusively with drywall contractors.
  • Some contractors add costs for hauling away debris, and it is essential to be aware of that potential expense.

DIY considerations

  • It is possible to do small repairs, but as already noted, it makes far more sense to get some estimates from experts. They can make seamless repairs of any size and ensure that no further problems occur.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$265
  • Bronx, NY$218
  • Brooklyn, NY$182
  • Philadelphia, PA$226
  • Washington, DC$197
  • Atlanta, GA$178
  • Miami, FL$162
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$169
  • Minneapolis, MN$199
  • Chicago, IL$232
  • Houston, TX$239
  • San Antonio, TX$160
  • Austin, TX$182
  • Denver, CO$153
  • Phoenix, AZ$162
  • Las Vegas, NV$178
  • Los Angeles, CA$200
  • San Diego, CA$182
  • San Jose, CA$219
  • Seattle, WA$161

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours:

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